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Contact data

1. Importing contact data

In this chapter, we describe how to import contact data in plentymarkets. You need a CSV file with the data that you would like to import. Save this file on your computer. Then, proceed as follows.

Structure of the file: Example with sample data.

Click on this link to open an example file with sample data that you can use to test the import of contact data.

Carrying out the basic settings:

  1. Go to Data » Elastic Sync NEW.

  2. Click on the plus sign (Add sync).

  3. Enter a name in the area Basic data.

  4. Select from the drop-down list Type the option Contacts, companies, addresses.

  5. In the area Import, you can leave the settings as they are.

  6. In the area Separator, select the option Tab instead of the semicolon.

  7. In the area Source, select the option HTTP.
    → Three further lines are displayed.

  8. Select from the drop-down list HTTP options the options Data upload.

  9. Click in the line URL on the button with the three dots (Select file).
    → A new window opens.

  10. Click on Upload file, select the CSV file with the contact data that you would like to import and click on Open.

  11. Place a check mark in the line of the file and click once in the line of the file.
    Important: The line must be clicked a second time. Only when the line is displayed in blue can you upload it by clicking on Select.
    → The URL – i.e. the path from that you uploaded the CSV file – is now displayed in grey in the field URL.

  12. Save the settings.

You have uploaded the CSV file successfully. In the following, carry out the matching and mapping settings.

Setting the matching:

  1. Click on Matching on the left side.

  2. In the area Matching, you must assign at least one of the four available options to one of the fields from the CSV file.
    Note: If there is no contact ID available yet, it makes sense to carry out the matching via the email address.

  3. In the area Import options, select the option Only import new data.

  4. Select the decimal number and the date format, if required.

  5. Save the settings.

Now adjust the settings for mapping.

Setting the mapping:

  1. Click on Maping on the left side.

  2. Click on the plus sign (Add mapping).

  3. Enter a name.

  4. Save the settings.
    → The area Import data/ plentymarkets data fields opens.

In this area, you assign the fields from your CSV file to the fields in plentymarkets. On the left side in the area Import data you can see the header names from your CSV file. plentymarkets has already taken these names automatically from your CSV file.

On the right side in the area plentymarkets data fields, you have to select the corresponding counterpart from the list.

Mandatory fields for contact data

When importing contact options the fields Type and Referrer are mandatory fields. These two fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Example: Assigning the source First name to the appropriate plentymarkets data field

  1. On the left side, you can see the source First name. Click on the right side in the same line and enter First name in the search field.

  2. Click on First name.

  3. Click on the green tick (Select) below the list.

  4. Activate the toggle button in this line on the left (Activate line).
    Important: The data fields to be imported must all be activated in order for the mapping to work correctly.

  5. Click on the button Field on the bottom left side.

  6. Select from the drop-down list Own value.

  7. Enter the value 0 or 1.
    → 0 is the referrer Manual entry and 1 is the referrer Online store.

  8. Enter Referrer on the right side in the search field.

  9. Click on Referrer*.

  10. Click on the green tick (Select) below the list.

  11. Activate the toggle button in this line on the left side (Activate line).

  12. Save the settings.

Click on Preview in order to display a preview of the file and to check the content.

Last, but not least: click on the play button (Execute sync). Depending on the data volume to be imported, this may take a while. Once the sync is carried out, the message Sync finished is displayed.

Now go to the CRM » Contacts menu in order to check whether the contact data was successfully imported.

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