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The data format EbayTitleMatch gives you the possibility of linking a listing’s title to specific items. With this link, listings that were set up with other tools can be imported into plentymarkets and can be automatically assigned to the correct items. You can carry out this setting directly in the editing window of an item. It is found in the tab Multi-Channel » eBay title. Create and export the data format in the Data » Dynamic export menu. The Exporting data page of the manual describes how you export the data format.

Pay close attention to the exact spelling of the data fields. The data cannot be processed if the data fields are spelled incorrectly.

Table 1 explains the data fields for the EbayTitleMatch data format in alphabetical order as well as filter options that you set in the Filter tab of the data format.

Field name Explanation Filter


Item ID

Activate the filter, select the operator and enter the value.


Item number


Title of the listing that should be linked with this item

Table 1: data fields of the data format *EbayTitleMatch*

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