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The data format CampaignCoupon is used to export and edit the coupon codes that were saved for coupon campaigns in the Orders » Coupons menu. You can then use the import function to save other unique (not generated by plentymarkets) coupon codes for a campaign. This saves time as you would otherwise have to save the codes individually in the menu. Create and export the data format in the Data » Dynamic export menu. The Exporting data page of the manual describes how you export the data format.

Pay close attention to the exact spelling of the data fields. The data cannot be processed if the data fields are spelled incorrectly.

1. Overview of the data fields

Table 1 explains the data fields for the CampaignCoupon data format in alphabetical order as well as filter options that you set in the Filter tab of the data format.

Field name Explanation Filter


Campaign ID

Activate the filter and select the campaign from the drop-down list for which you want to edit the coupon codes.
Important: If no filter is selected here, then the data from the first campaign will be exported.


Coupon code
It is possible to save additional coupon codes. Enter the coupon codes into this column and enter the campaign ID into the CampaignID column.

Table 1: data fields of the data format *CampaignCoupon*

2. Overview of the mandatory fields

The following mandatory fields must be available for the data format CampaignCoupon and need to have a valid value saved for them:

  • CampaignCoupon

  • CouponCode

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