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Backing up data

The backup function of the menu System » Settings » Data » Backup allows you to reset data to a previous state or to restore deleted data.


You can only use the backup function within the same version of plentymarkets. This means that it is not possible to import a backup of an older version of plentymarkets.

1. Backing up and restoring data

The menu System » Settings » Data » Backup offers an overview of the existing backups with the corresponding dates. They are automatically created on a daily basis.

2. Storing a backup locally

As an additional safeguard, you can save backup files locally. To do so, proceed as follows.

Storing a backup locally:

  1. Go to System » Settings » Data » Backup.

  2. Select the backup you want to download.

  3. Click on Download backup.
    → The backup is downloaded in compressed form.

Waiting for backup

The download of large files will take some time. Once the process is complete, the download button is activated.

3. Importing a backup

You can reset your system to the status of any backup.

Possible data loss

Note that importing a backup can overwrite current data. Data that have changed since the last backup creation can be lost irreversibly.

Importing a backup:

  1. Go to System » Settings » Data » Backup.

  2. Click on Import backup.
    → The window for the backup import opens.

  3. Carry out the settings. Pay attention to the information given in Table 1 and Table 2.

  4. Click on Import backup to import the backup.
    → The backup is imported.

The dropdown menu offers two different import options.

Table 1. Import options
Import option Explanation

Partially import data base

Here you can select the areas that you want to import.

Completely import data base

This option considers and restores all available data.

Select the area of the system that you want to reset or in which you want to restore data.

Table 2. Backup types
Backup type Explanation


Company, contact and address


Categories of the menu Item » Category


Information about listings and market listings, active listings, listing settings for eBay, hood and ricardo, sales plans, listing directories, listing texts and translations.


Order and order item data


Automated procedures organised with plentyBase


Reorders in Stock » Reorders




Users registered in the system and the settings selected by the user


Warehouse and inventory, such as dimensions and storage locations. Note: Does not include the stock!


Facets for the search in System » Client » Settings » Services » Faceted search


Item master data, mainly in the Global tab


Attributes of the items in System » Item » Attributes


Link of the barcode to the variation


Characteristics of the item


Values of the item links


Price calculations that are specified for the variation


Manufacturer of the item


Sales price link to the variation


Unit of the item


Variations of the item


Category links of the variations


Values from the price link to the variations

3.1. Showing backup logs

By clicking the button in the toolbar, backup logs and possible error messages are shown.

Showing backup logs:

  1. Go to System » Settings » Data » Backup.

  2. Click on Show backup logs.
    → The window with the backup logs will open.

For further information, refer to the Menu data log manual page.

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