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In this area, you find all information about creating and editing contact data records - from the address via orders to tickets, documents and much more. Create customer classes, types and use the discount types in plentymarkets.

Use the messenger to create messages that can be assigned to your contacts. Messages are only visible in your plentymarkets back end and cannot be accessed by your contacts.

Use the quick search to retrieve at a glance all information that is saved for a contact or the address data of a guest order. In this area, you can also download - in accordance with GDPR - all data that is saved for a contact or a guest order and anonymise data records.

All emails that are sent with plentymarkets are based on email templates. Learn how to create email templates and how to set up the automatic despatch for your email templates.

Furthermore, learn how to use the ticket system for your customer communication and how to retain control over orders that are still unpaid with the help of the AR list.

Set up a newsletter service to automatically inform your customers at regular intervals about news in your online store.

Finding data records
Managing messages
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