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Tags are keywords that can be used to mark texts and pages. In plentymarkets, tags are created and managed centrally in one menu. The tags can then be used in different areas, such as in categories and the ticket system. Tags can also contain spaces. When a tag consists of more than one word, it is possible to separate these words with spaces.

1. Creating a tag

The following section explains how to create tags. You determine whether the tags can be used in all available areas or only in certain areas of plentymarkets.

Creating a tag:

  1. Go to System » Settings » Tags.

  2. Click on Create a new tag.
    → A window opens on the right-hand side.

  3. Carry out the settings. Pay attention to the information given in Table 1.

  4. Save the settings.
    → The tag is created and added to the list.

Table 1. Tag settings
Setting Explanation


Displays the name of the tag. This name is not linked to any language.


Select a colour for the tag. This setting is optional.


Select the visibility area such as Category or Ticket. Or select all to make the tag available in all areas.

Name of the language

Create a tag in another language or edit the tag for another language. For further information, refer to the Adding further languages chapter.

2. Adding further languages

You can add further languages to existing tags. To do so, proceed as follows:

Adding further languages:

  1. Go to System » Settings » Tags.

  2. Click on Search.
    → All tags that have been created are displayed.

  3. Select the tag from the list.
    → A window opens on the right-hand side.

  4. Click in the line of the language and enter the translation.

  5. Save the settings.

3. Filtering by tags

There are three possibilities for filtering tags. You can filter the tags by name, visibility and language.

Filtering by tags:

  1. Go to System » Settings » Tags.

  2. Select one or multiple filters. Pay attention to the information given in Table 2.

  3. Click on Search.
    → The tags that correspond to the search criteria entered are displayed.

Table 2. Tag filters
Setting Explanation


Enter the name of the tag. If all languages were selected, all languages are included here as well. However, only the value that was entered under Name is displayed.


Select one visibility area or the setting All.


Select a language or the setting All.

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