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1. Troubleshooting for processes

It is possible to fix errors so that processes are not aborted due to one or more faulty orders. You can also save notes for faulty orders that remind you to correct these orders later. All of the other orders are processed as usual. Troubleshooting will only be carried out if it was first configured for all of the necessary the procedures.

Troubleshooting availability

A gray beetle identifies the procedures that troubleshooting is available for (image 1). A red beetle identifies the procedures that troubleshooting was already configured for (image 2).

3. Procedures and sub-procedures

You can choose to add the procedure Order and/or Email.

3.1. Overview

Available procedures and corresponding sub-procedures for troubleshooting:

3.2. Email procedure

Use the Email procedure together with the Send sub-procedure to send an email template, e.g. as a reminder of the faulty orders.

3.3. Order procedure

Use the Order procedure together with sub-procedures to edit the faulty order.
The sub-procedure Change status changes the status of the faulty order. The status will change to whatever status is selected from the drop-down list.

Tip: Individual status

The easiest way to find faulty orders is to assign a separate status. This status is assigned to faulty orders during troubleshooting. You can then filter for this status in the Orders menu.

Depending on the configuration, the sub-procedure Add order notes can be used to add an individual note to every faulty order. Alternatively, a saved note can be inserted for all of the faulty orders within a process. We also recommend that you attach the error message to the order.

Figure 2. Shipping center procedure with a troubleshooting option

In the example shown above, faulty orders are given a new status and a note is saved for the orders. This makes it easy to find the orders in the order overview and correct the errors. Once they were corrected, the orders can go through the process again and be completed.

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