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When logging in to your system for the first time you are greeted by our virtual helpers: the assistants. You can find them under System » Assistants.
Finally a quick and simple way of setting up your system without having to understand complex contexts? Yes! Our assistants will help you setting up your system step by step without any instructions or prior knowledge.
Just give it a go!
In the following section you will find an overview of all currently available assistants and their functions.

Table 1. Assistants and their functions
Assistant Function

First steps

Email accounts

Set up your email account in plentymarkets and save the signature that should be displayed in your email templates.

Basic setup


Save your user data and company data including bank details.


Determine the accounting settings for the locations you are using. Carry out the settings for the small business owner regulation, the calculation of orders, and intra- and extra-Community EU deliveries.


Expand your system with plugins. You can integrate the plentyShop Ceres including payment providers and shipping service providers as well as establish interfaces to other shop systems.

Sales prices

Define conditions for item prices and special reduced prices. For example, do you want to sell items at a lower price in your online store than on Amazon? No problem! No problem! Here you can specify the conditions for individual marketplaces, customer classes, countries of delivery, etc. Once you’ve completed the assistant, you’ll need to activate your newly created sales prices for all of the relevant item variations. Then you’ll need to enter the price for each variation.

Items (creation)

Create an import template for item data that is tailored to your needs. You can download the import template, fill in your data and then upload it with the Item import assistant.

Item import

Upload the import template with your item data and carry out the import. If you do not have an import template yet, use the Items (creation) assistant to create one.




Blog migration*: Migrate your blog posts from the old CMS to the new blog module.


Create an Amazon user account in order to sell your items on Amazon with plentymarkets.

Amazon ASIN import

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