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Running processes

Install plentyBase

You need plentyBase to create and run processes in the plentymarkets back end. You can download the installation files for plentyBase in the plentyMarketplace .

Once you’ve finished creating a process under Setup » Processes, you’ll be able to run it in the Processes menu.

1. Running a process

Proceed as described below to run a process. Note that you can only see those processes that have been assigned to your user account or that have been assigned to your role.

Assigning rights for back end users

People with Back end access rights can only see certain areas and menus in plentymarkets. This means they only have limited access to the system. If you want back end type users to see and run processes, you have to grant them the following rights:

  • Processes > Edit

  • Processes > Show

Tip: How to grant rights

Note that only Admins can grant rights.

Assigning rights:

  1. Go to Setup » Settings » User » Rights » User.
    → The user accounts are displayed in an overview.

  2. Click on a user account.
    → The Rights menu item containing the visibilities opens.

  3. Assign the rights for the respective area by ticking the check boxes indicated above.
    Note: You can either grant rights for complete areas or limit the rights you grant the user. To only grant limited rights in a certain area, expand the area.

  4. Save () the settings.

The Rights and Menu visibilities are linked. This means that if you grant a right in one of the two areas, plentymarkets automatically grants the corresponding rights in the other area.

Running a process:

  1. Open the Processes menu.
    → The available processes are displayed.

  2. Click on a process.
    → The process is displayed and it has the status Waiting.

  3. Click on Start.
    → The process starts.
    → Bars in the Work steps tab show the progress of the individual process steps.
    → Depending on the process, input may be required from the user.

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