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Running processes

Install plentyBase

You need the tool plentyBase to create and run processes in the plentymarkets back end. Go to plentyMarketplace to download the installation files.

1. Running a process

Proceed as described below to run a process. Note that you can only see those processes that have been assigned to you as a user or that have been assigned to your role. Variable users will only be able to see the System » System settings » Processes menu if they were given the appropriate right. Go to System » System settings » Settings » User » Accounts » Open user » Tab: Right » Tab: Menu and activate the right Processes.

Running a process:

  1. Go to Processes.
    → The available processes are displayed.

  2. Click a process.
    → The process is displayed and has the status Waiting.

  3. Click Start.
    → The process starts.
    → Bars in the Work steps tab show the progress of the individual process steps.
    → Depending on the process, input may be required from the user.

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