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Automate your daily tasks! plentymarkets includes three different tools that help you automate your routine business processes.

Learn about the three different tools in a playful introduction:

Automate your day-to-day tasks

1. Procedure manager

In plentymarkets, you can use the procedure manager to automatically complete routine tasks at a specific time every day.

For example, you can use the procedure manager to set a time each day when non-paying eBay or store customers should receive a payment reminder or dunning letter. The reminder will then be automatically sent by email.

2. Event procedures

Event procedures are easy to understand: specific events in your online store trigger specific procedures.

For example, you can use event procedures to send emails to your customers. Use event procedures to configure such automatic tasks and have plentymarkets complete them reliably.

3. Prozesse

Use processes to automate complex tasks in plentymarkets.

For example, you can use processes to pick and pack items in your warehouse.

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