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Key performance indicators

1. Setting up key figures in the plentymarkets app

Want to know how many orders have come in this month? Or do you want to know how many new customers you have gained? In the plentymarkets app, you can display the most important key figures on the start page. In this best practice, we want to introduce you to some of important key figures.

First, set up a page on the app’s start page. You need at least one page. To create this page, go to the dashboard of the plentymarkets app. Click on the pen symbol to the right and then on Add a new page. Give the page a name, e.g. Daily overview.

To show you how to set up key figures, we describe how to keep up to date with revenue data in the plentymarkets app.

1.1. Example: Showing revenue data

  1. Open the plentymarkets app.

  2. Click on the pen symbol to the right and then on Add new key figures.
    → The menu for key figures opens.

  3. Select the option Revenue from the drop-down list.

  4. Click on the field you created to carry out additional settings.

A period of 30 days is selected by default. Alternatively, you can select a different period such as Today. Other useful settings are: Name, colour, status, client and order referrer.

If you no longer need the key figure, you can delete it in the settings.

key figures
Figure 1. 30 days summary

Other key figures that you can set up in the same way in the plentymarkets app are:

  • Average orders

  • New customer types

  • Sold items

  • Unassigned Payments

  • Orders

  • Paid orders only

  • New items

  • Average revenue

  • Average sold items

  • Items per order

  • Active listings

  • Active listings

  • Incoming items

  • Reorder level

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